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History of Triple E Sales

Most people do not know how Triple E Sales got its name! When Stan was young, he was interested in working with soapbox derby cars. He was getting one ready and asked his father what name should be on the side of the derby car. His father told him it should be “Triple E Farms”. Stan asked what it meant and his father told him that it meant that at least 3 generations of their family was living on the earth at that time. When the idea of a business came about, he remembered the name on his soapbox derby car and just changed the Farm to Sales.

Stan’s uncle owed Galesburg Auto Supply. In early 1972 he got Stan selling farm filters for tractors and other farm equipment to the neighbors. The first Triple E shop was the back of a semi trailer that was not road worthy any longer. It was soon turned into the first shop.

Growing up on a farm, you were taught to repair your own equipment and Stan was always interested in this. He soon got interested in Tri Sport 3 wheelers and the 6 wheel ATV’s that were around in the early 1970’s. Friends and neighbors soon found out that he liked working on the machines and he started getting business. As the business grew, he soon outgrew his small make shift shop.

With his business growing, in December of 1974, he started building a shop at the farm. This shop was a 40 ft X 40 ft building divided in half for one side a work shop and the other side for parts and show room. First came the filters, then came the 3 wheelers and 6 wheelers and motor work. Next to be added to the shop was Arctic Cat. Later he took on Polaris and was quickly out growing the shop. For 20 years Triple E Sales was at our farm in Coal Valley.

In 1990, the shop moved to Orion to a building off route 150. He thought he had plenty of space for all the things he wanted in the shop. In the early 2000’s, go karting was once again becoming popular and Kyle got interested. It took a little for Kyle to get Stan interested in adding karts to the shop, but it got done. It was a good item to add.

So once again, the shop was getting too small. At the end of 2006, the Chevy dealership in Orion closed. That left a building that would be right for Triple E Sales. This building was just across the field from the shop we were in at that time. This building had so much room and a great front showroom. So in the beginning of 2007 once again Triple E Sales moved and hopefully for the last time.

In 2015 Triple E Sales also expanded their lines that they carry. Already being a Parts Unlimited dealer they also brought on Western Powersports, MTA, Felt Bicycles, and GoPro Cameras to go along with all the demands of what customers are wanting.

If you come into Triple E Sales now, you will be greeted by a small family staff. Stan and his wife, Teri, own the business. Their oldest son, Travis, works in the parts department. Their youngest son, Kyle, is the main mechanic and General manager. Kyle’s wife, Jamie, helps out with the inventory that needs to be put in the computer. Kyle and Jamie have two young boys, Eric and Trey. They are already showing an interest in how things work. Jon(Stan and Teri's nephew) is a mechanic that comes with lots of knowledge from Powersports to Farm tractors and Mowers. We have a few dear employees, that are not family, but we feel close enough to them that they feel like family. In the background, is the bookkeeper, Pam who keeps the books straight. Mark(Pam,'s Husband) is also a mechanic that has many years of knowledge, The person who greets you on the phone or at the service desk is Brent (PB). He can answer any questions you have about machines or parts .

All of us at Triple E would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our customers that keep us here serving you!!!

Thank You,

Stan, Teri, Travis, Kyle, Jamie, Eric, Trey, Jon, and Brent!

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Davenport Polaris New ATVs Polaris
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East Moline Triton Trailers New Snowmobiles Parts Unlimited
Chicago Parts Unlimited Used Snowmobiles Western Power Sports
Bettendorf Western Power Sports New Polaris Rangers MTA
Quad Cities Felt Used Polaris Rangers
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