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  • "Brent was great to work with. When my son and I got there before doing the paperwork, Kyle showed us everything about the machine. He took his time and explained everything. Definitely enjoyed working with both."

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    Justin Yepsen - SHEFFIELD, IL
  • "I have no doubts that we all have our favorite brands of ATVs and our favorite dealer that we like to do business with when purchasing or servicing our ATVs. I am also very sure that all of our local dealers do great job with different brands that they sell and service. I would like to share with you an experience that I recently had with one of these dealers.

    As most of you know my family all ride Polaris brand machines. It is not that we had a great love for the brand, matter of fact before we purchased these we had all Honda machines. We ended up with the Polaris brand mainly becuase of the price. When purchasing 3 ATVs price will most likely play play an important part. We purchased these from a dealer that was located east of Dewitt Iowa. This dealership since has closed and so have 2 other local Polaris dealers over the past few years. My now closest Polaris dealer is Triple E Sales and Service in Orion, Il. Up until this time I had fortunately not had the need for service on my quads so I had done very little business with Triple E, no more than just purchasing some maintainance items such as oil and filters so I had not gotten a chance to know them very well.

    This spring our family had decided to take the ATVs on a trip to Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL during the Easter holiday weekend. Our plan was to leave on Thursday and spend 2 days there and drive back on Monday of that week. I was starting to get the ATVs ready for the trip. Late afternoon I started up my Sportsman 500 HO to get it out of the garage and check it over before I loaded it on the trailer. When I did I noticed that several lights on the dash was flashing. This I had never seen happen before. One light was "Check Engine" light and the other was "Engine Hot" light. I knew the engine was not hot as I just started it. This was the first time I had started it since I had last pushed snow with it some weeks before. I thought to myself that maybe some wires had gotten crossed or pinched leading up to the gauge pod. Oh well, I said to myself, it shouldn't hurt anything to ride it that way, I thought.

    But by the end o the day I had convinced myself maybe I should call the dealer and ask them if it would be OK to ride it that way. I got on the phone and called Triple E. To my surprise I was told that they thought the problem was in the ECU (Electrical Contrl Unit) and possibly it could catch fire if I were to ride it. The first thing that I thought of was, "I have to leave on this trip Thursday morning with no ATV and the trip was paid for in advance!" I explained to them about my trip and asked if they could possibly get it fixed in time. They told me to bring it in and they would see what they could do but they did not think they had the part and if I needed ithat fast I would have to spend the extra money to overnight the part from Polaris.

    I really had no choice I was most likely going to be looking at spending $300 + to get it fixed after already paying for the trip to the lodge. I loaded the quad on the trailer and off to Triple E Sales and Service I went. This dealership really did not know me nor did I know the dealership so I was unsure of what to expect. When I got there they started getting the information they needed from me and also checking on the parts availability. What luck! They happened to have the part in stock if that was what was wrong with it. (At least that will help lessen the cost!) I again told them my story about needing it for my trip but was unsure if I would get it back by then. I left and went home and started to plan on maybe having to rent an ATV when we got there on Thursday. I received a call the next day from Triple E Sales telling me that yes it was indeed the ECU that was at fault but they had gotten it fixed and was ready for pick up.

    WOW! I could not believe how fast they had gotten my ATV in to the shop, diagnosed the problem and had it repaired. Not more then 24 hours had gone by and I was all set again to go on our trip. When I got to the dealership to pick up my ATV they gave me even more good news, there would be no charge for the repair. Polaris had a recall on the item so Polaris Company would be covering all the charges. That was way more that I ever expected. I never even gave a thought to something be warranted on a 5 year old ATV. They could have easily charged me for the complete repair and I would not have questioned it, but thats what separates the top dealers from the ordinary dealers.

    With that all said I want to give a big thanks to Triple E Sales and Service and all that they did to make sure that my vacation plans did not get spoiled. They sure have earned my business."

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    Dave Fraker
  • "As a new driver last year, Dillon started out in junior Briggs, running at a local track in Mt joy, Iowa. Dillon finished 2nd in points but he wanted more. He decided to move to the Yahama Junior Sportsman Class. With The help and knowledge from Triple E, Dillon had a very succesful year in 2007! We can always count on Triple E to get our clutches and motors done before we needed them. The best part about this father and sons business is that they actually care about their clients. Out at the tracks, you could fine them helping any one in need to get their karting knowledge. Stan is always trying to keep other racers confidence up and gives out really good pointers. As long as we are still racing Dillon and his team will be going Triple E.

    Thanks a lot, Stan, Kyle, Travis, and everyone at Triple E."

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    Dillon, Mike, Chris, and Tim Morley - 69 Motorsports
  • "I wanted to say Thank You to Triple E for all the help I have received this year and last year. I was new to the karting scene and only knew of one other person out there to give me a hand on racing engines. Every time I went to there it seemed like I was in his way so I looked for a new racing partner. And I truly look at triple E as a racing partner. The friends at Triple E have treated me like family and that was the edge that I was looking for. From never seeing the pavement to setting the fast time in my class Triple E racing has given me the confidence and the equipment needed to be a champion. I feel like a brother to them and would never doubt them in any way. I know that they will treat me right and give me the correct advice. I want to say thank you Triple E for being part of my dream and for being a family member. I could not be at the track without you guys."

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    Todd Malmstrom
  • "Ever since I started running Triple E motors I have done better. At the Midwest Sprint Series race in Norway, IL this year, I finished the best I ever have. They push me to improve a half a second faster each time I get on the track. They also go to the races so I get track support from them. Sometimes we go to the shop to see how things are going and I end up learning more from them."

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    Andrew Bealer
  • "To Triple E Staff, I wanted to thank you folks for the outstanding service and time that was spent with me when I recently purchased a new Polaris Switchback 600 from you. The price was straight forward. the paper work was simple and quick. However, the way you took the time to walk me through the entire machine and show me how everything worked was a step above the rest. there was no rushingthrough it, all questions were answered in plain english and even some hands on teaching was implemented. Your knowledge of the machine at hand, and information given to me, was outstanding. All service and fututre snowmobile purchases willbe made thru you. I will spread the work of your outstanding service."

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    Will Williams
  • "Thank you for powering us to a Midwest Sprint Series in the Yamaha Rookie Class. Here is a picture of Kyle standing next to his kart. It was great to know that we had the power to run up front. Kyle is still in a heated points battle at the Badger Kart Club. As soon as the season is over the engines will be coming in to be freshened up. Thanks again."

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    Mark, Jodi, and Kyle West - Sun Prairie, WI
  • "Bought a 2016 Sportsman 450 HO New this spring. Now Kyle said there was a break in period.... But I don't think he & I think the same, lol. But we "Gotta Lil Blood on the Tires" today. So "NOW ITS BROKE IN ERDMAN"!!
    Special thanks to Kyle Erdmann and the Clan for being such a great place to work with. Triple E is not just a place that sells quads. They are a quality shop having great knowledge and customer service providing you with a quality experience with your ATV's."

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    Brett Homer
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